Knowledge and support for the living donor community.


The Greatest Gift Foundation improves the care, knowledge, and support that living organ donors receive throughout their donation experience, from initial consideration through recovery and beyond. We do this by connecting living donors with each other as a community to share their experiences and support, by simplifying the search for the best available resources, and by working with transplant programs to identify and promote the use of best practices in donor care. The Greatest Gift Foundation is a nonprofit corporation headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. 501(c)(3) pending.

The Greatest Gift Foundation does not provide medical advice, counseling services, or recommendations for treatment. We recommend contacting a physician for any questions about medical care.


This Web site will serve as the hub of our activities, but it’s under construction. The content here today is just something to get us started. Please check back!


The Greatest Gift Foundation was formed in 2007 by Becky, a living organ donor (the world’s first laparoscopic living donor liver resection, 2006, at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago) for her brother Joe Waller, who had Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Joe has successfully recovered from his transplant and now works as an organ transplant coordinator. Becky serves as President of the Board of Directors, along with Joe and six other professionals with varying backgrounds including OPO coordination, medical administration, finance, social media, law, and more. Becky can be reached by email.


The Greatest Gift Foundation is a non-profit organization that has applied for 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service. To learn how you can contribute time, materials, or financial gifts to us, please see our contribute page. To learn more about our activities, please see our connect page..


We are here for you. Whether you’re just thinking about possibly donating, your surgery is scheduled, or the surgery is over and you’re on your way to recovery, we exist to help you. Until our full site launches in a few weeks, we are relying on email to communicate with you – reach out to us if you’d like help with any of the topics below. Otherwise, stay tuned for the full launch, coming soon!

We can connect you with other living donors so you can talk

We know many living donors (potential and past) who are willing to talk with you, to ask and answer questions, share knowledge and experiences and advice, or just lend an understanding ear. Email us with your thoughts or questions, and we’ll get back to you to introduce you to other donors.

We can guide you to the best resources on the Web

Check out the Greatest Gift Blog

When our full site launches in a few weeks, it will offer links to what we think are the best resources for things like explaining living donor procedures, finding financial assistance to offset your donation costs, promoting fast recovery, and coping with the complex emotions involved. Stay tuned.

We can give you some free advice on how to start a blog or use a networking site (like Facebook or MySpace)

Many living donors have started blogs to keep their friends and family informed easily, or to enjoy a therapeutic creative outlet to express themselves. It’s not hard to get started, and we can lead the way for you.

We can keep you informed

We follow living donor transplant-related issues, news, and data closely, and aim to objectively digest it for our living donor community.


We hope our mission to help living organ donors extends naturally to helping you as well. We invite you to join us for conversation and networking and to take advantage of all our foundation has to offer. Your perspectives and thoughts are especially valuable to us as we work to connect people for caring conversation – email us if you’d like participate or tell us what’s on your mind. Many of the resources we will link to (as described in the living donor section above) will apply to you as well. In the meantime, you and your loved ones are in our community’s collective thoughts and prayers.

Your support is overwhelmingly important to the living donor or transplant candidate you’re here for. And we know you sometimes need support as well. First and foremost, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to engage in conversation. Your perspective, questions, concerns, and thoughts are valuable to us, and chances are good we can connect you with other community members who can understand what you are going through, lend an empathetic ear, and answer your questions.

Thank you for being here! The Greatest Gift Foundation exists to complement the work you do, and therefore our success depends on your input. We believe there is an opportunity to support you and your teams with patient education, issue and health awareness, networking and continuing education, and the promotion of best practices across the country.

We are meeting with transplant care teams throughout the U.S. to learn as much as possible about your challenges, procedures, best practices, and ideas. To schedule a meeting with us or send us feedback in writing, contact us any time.


We welcome and thrive on contributions from the community, both tangible and intangible. To contribute in any of the following ways, contact us.

Volunteers and Board Members: Volunteers can help us meet with and learn from transplant centers, write and design Web and print content, assist with PR and marketing, and plan our fundraising events. We also welcome board members who can lend their expertise and energy to our leadership team. Just shoot us an email!
Start-up needs: We need one laptop computer and one printer/scanner. We’re not picky! Your donation is tax deductible and may be purchasable at a discount from vendors like HP or Dell.

Financial support: We use financial contributions to fund our Web and publishing activities and to pay for travel to meet with transplant centers around the country. (Or to buy the above mentioned computer and scanner if we don’t get one handed to us.) Your contributions are tax deductible. (The Greatest Gift Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization). The Greatest Gift Foundation accepts contributions made by cash, check, or * NEW * online (see Google checkout box below!)
Knowledge and experience: Do you know of a best practice or leading-edge innovation occurring at a U.S. transplant center? Do you have facts or experiences you can share to help us broaden the expertise with which we inform the living donors we serve? Take a minute to jot us a note.
Connections: Do you know people within your network who would be interested in what we’re doing? We believe in networking! Facilitate introductions for us.

Other ideas?: We’re all ears. (And all organs.)

Online Donations: If you would like to make a contribution to the Greatest Gift Foundation we offer a safe and secure option.

For JINGLE JANGLE tickets: Use the donate box below to make your contribution of $35 per ticket (minimum), then email with your name and the number of tickets you purchased. We can mail them to you or hold them at the door.


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